Art Production



Due to my years of experience in stills production, studio management and representing photographers I am well aware of the specific needs and requirements of the advertising industry. My portfolio includes high adaptability and professional task management. My service is individually customized for your specific requirements and problems. Should it be in the capacity as a mere consultant or direct project related management.

I provide photographers and creatives with a „built to fit“ service. We evaluate the task at hand together and then devise a plan, which tasks and services I should provide. This can be full service, ranging from the first briefing up to the final billing. Or individual segments and partial support necessary for the shoot. It has been my experience in the last years during multiple projects and challenges that team work is essential and a key for success in our line of work.

In addition I can support existing team constellations in the art buying department or service production.

I’ll be looking forward to a cooperation in which ever form it should take place.